How to reach us ?

No answer to the phone? We have to eat – go out to the post office etc – but we do have a BT 1571 extra answering machine so please leave a brief message just to touch base. Be assured that if we phone you back we are discreet!
We return calls to our Members and those buying books – or anybody who is in a fix – at week-ends and in the 7.00-8.00 pm slot every evening. We do not make calls back to mobile phone numbers at all. Our phone does not accept incoming calls if you “withhold” your number – you can dial 1470 first to get round that problem.
Personal callers at our place are welcome provided we have at least thirty minutes notice of their arrival – giving us time to stop what we are doing and spend time with you. You may be able to stay for a cup of tea and a chat, maybe even sunbathe in the garden, but you need to give us enough notice! It’s fun being a “professional nudist” but we work incredibly hard and long hours.

Nearly all services are free for our Members, and indeed we try to help all naturists within reason. (Most of the 8 legal battles we have fought for individuals – and won them all by the way – were people who were not originally Members of C&C.) 

If you need to send money to C&C or wish to send a donation, we are happy for you to post an envelope containing cheques, postal orders or creditcard details but think twice before mailing cash to us (unless you send the letter “recorded”) as missing money causes mistrust for all parties. You can use email to quote your creditcard details (not really as risky as some pundits would have you believe) or you can also use creditcards if you phone us – which is always nicer as we get to chat.