Listing of All Books

Bibliography of Naturist Books and Videos.

The aim of this file is to bring together details about EVERY “publication” which has ever been published about naturism. A “publication” could be a book, guide book, novel, magazines, film, videos, play or poem.

Many “publications” will now be out of prnit but this information is still useful to serious researchers – copies of out of print publications are available through libraries. The publications which are still in print form a wealth of material available to all natursts (well, anybody who can afford to pay the cover price!)

The list was started by David Martin at Coast & Country Publications and some of the books and videos can be obtained from him, but if the books are available through other booksellers then (with the aim of encouraging naturism) David Martin lists the source of the supplier so that you may obtain them from the relevant naturist business.

If you think you can add specific information to this list please contact David Martin (email to

What it really needs is for some “expert” to offer a couple of hours help to extend the list. That “expert” could be a professional librarian or even a library enthusiast, or perhaps a collector or a student interested in research. If you think you can help do contact David – he will arrange for all the data to be re-typed and sorted out if you don’t wish to spend time on that part of it.


Naturist Guide Book to British Isles, David Martin, (1997), costs œ12.50. (ISBN number 0 948228 80 6). C&C101 Successor to the Naturist Holiday Handbook, this title has been issued most years since 1982. Aims to tell you about EVERYTHING which could interest naturists in Britain. That means all the clubs (including those which don’t get the CCBN “seal of approval”), holiday resorts, naturist bed and breakfast facilities, swimming and sauna sessions, naturist massage practitioners, organisations and everything else we can think might help you enjoy naturism more. The 1996 edition incorporated all Phil Vallack’s Free Sun beaches info altho the better beaches had featured in the guide on their own merits for some years. CCBN will not carry adverts for this book because it contains details about places they don’t approve of..

The Naturist Guide-Book to Europe, David Martin, re-printed 1996, cost œ17.00 (ISBN 0 948228 15 6). C&C102 Prior to C&C buying out Phil Vallack’s Free Sun Publications business, the C&C team had concentrated on British uides. This book represented their first foray into the Euro guide scene. Covers all the overseas places mentioned in Phil Vallack’s Free-Sun books, plus hundreds of extra places and naturist facilities listed for the first time. There was massive effort put into making sense of the INF World Guide information and expanding the detail shown in the INF Guide. It is a massive reference book – first published in 1993 and reprinted in 1995 – over 380 A4 sized pages – covering ALL 40 European countries (except Britain) – from Iceland down to the Canary Isles, Ireland across to Russia. Aims to give precise details of all naturist beaches or inland places, clubs and holiday centres – B&B and hotels – swimming sessions -sauna etc. It is unlikely that such an encyclopaedic work will ever be undertaken again.

The Nudist Way, David Martin, œ9.50 (ISBN 0 948228 60 1) C&C103. This was originally described as the most important contribution to naturist literature for over a decade. In the early eighties a small guide was published called “A Nudist Guide to the North York Moors and Yorkshire Coast” and then in 1989 that grew into “Walking The Nudist Way”. Again the work was subsequently enlarged and re-written as book for everyone who likes to be outdoors – to picnic and sun-bathe, walk and stroll and ramble in the British countryside. It has in fact grown into a book about naturism as a way of life. The whole of Britain is available for naturism … this book tells you the places to go and also explains the law and the underlying reasons for the increasing acceptance of naturism away from the beach. There are at least one hundred new places detailed in it – places to walk but also places to sit out in the countryside and sunbathe or picnic. 210 pages, lots of lovely new photographs – about twenty – and the book is now a conventional paper-back complete with a stunning full colour heart stopping cover which will grace any coffee table and also provide a good read.

“NO SHADOWS FALL – Born into Naturism”, Mrs Iseult Richardson, price œ9.95 (ISBN number 0 948228 25 3). C&C104 It took over ten years for Mrs Richardson to write her own fascinating and moving biography, and it was a story which C&C Publications felt had to be published for the benefit of future generations of naturists. Iseult is the daughter of Charles & Dorothy Macaskie who founded Spielplatz – the oldest naturist club in Britain. Although there is a wealth of insider information about the early naturist days, this is not a history book but a very frank and intensely personal account of what it was like to live and grow up in a naturist community – a community which thrives even to this day and is still a permanent home to over thirty naturist families. This beautifully told story is illustrated with over sixty photographs plus half a dozen line drawings. There are 192 large pages (8 by 11 inches) and the soft-back book makes an ideal gift. Gripping and readable this is a book for textiles OR naturists.

Living Sculpture – Nudism into Art by Phil Vallack, 1996, 200 pages, ISBN 0 906677 13 0, price œ8.00. With over 100 photographs and numerous lines drawings and sketches this is the latest of a long line of works from Phil Vallack. Having sold up to C&C in the early nineties, Phil Vallack went through a period of poor health but he is now (at the age of 75) fit and active and enjoying art and sculpture. Phil has always had an outspoken and individual approach and this book encapsulates a great deal about his life and attitude.

Nude as a Newt, Phil Vallack 

Naked as the Day, Phil Vallack 

Free Sun Beaches, Phil Vallack 

Inland Free Sun by Phil Vallack

05637695 Nudist Society; Controversial Study of the Clothes-Free Naturist Movement in America 

05628090 Naturist’s Notebook: Yarmouth County 

05625623 Fun in the Sun; Nude, Nudist and Naturist Living 

05625622 Family Naturism in America 

05625621 Family Naturism in Europe 

04829407 Nudist Magazines of the 50s and 60s: Collectors’ Edition 

04087320 Naturist Holiday Handbook 

03362063 Alternative Lifestyles; Guide to Research Collections on Intentional Communities, Nudism and Sexual Freedom 

World Naturist Guide – INF 

01635749 Fun in the Sun; Nude, Nudist and Naturist Living 

00539207 Recollections of a Furtive Nudist 

00295681 British Naturism Handbook – CCBN 

00288020 Naturism in Britain – Naturist Foundation 

00288019 Family Naturism 

00288018 Naturist Recreation 

00223725 Confessions from a Nudist Colony 

Guide to World Beaches by Lee Baxandall founder of The Naturist Society – USA. This is a sumptously produced glossy book which only covers a fraction of the beaches available but certainly shows them off to the best. Superb photography. 


Starkers (UK) produced by Mark Nesbitt, issued quarterly, issue 13 due out Easter 1997

Sunlovers! (UK) produced by Susan Mayfield, first issue 36 pages Feb 1997

H&E (UK) and the H&E quarterly and specials, produced regularly in the UK up to Dec 1996, further publications uncertain but decision expected by Easter 1997.

BN Magazine (British Naturism) produced quarterly by CCBN

The Grove (UK) produced by The Naturist Foundation

Chatterbox, (UK) only ran for six issues produced by C&C;

Life Love and Naturism (UK) shortlived work from Susan Mayfield

Discover (UK) shortlived work from Susan Mayfield

Naturist World (UK) succesful mag ran by Susan Mayfield which folded after being purchased by Chris Tomlins of CORAL Ltd

Nude and Natural (now N) Magazine (USA) published quarterly by The Naturist Society of Oshkosh USA

Australian Sun & Health Videos about naturism published by Charlie Simonds. ———————————————————————————

Hitch-hike This delightful film records the adventures of two beautiful girls, Lisa and Tanya who, during a hitch-hiking holiday in France discover a naturist resort. Join them in their naked experiences.

Perfect Exposure This sparkling video tells the story of Jill a naturist photographer on a video shoot with two gorgeous models, Vida and Sam at Arnaoutchot the beautiful naturist resort on the French Coast de Landes.

Alison – Over the Moon Alison joins H&E photographer Jill on a photo shoot in Lanzarote. They meet Gail, a frustrated timeshare rep and introduce her to the joys of naturism. This vivacious trio’s naked adventures are recounted in this glamourous film.

Simone and 1000 Flowers Simone is invited by her cousin Marianne to visit the naturist resort of Millefleurs in the foothills of the Pyranees where she is working as yoga instructor. Simone persuades her photographer friend Jill to go with her and they have some surprises in store.

The Girl with No Name Meet Chloe who is a film company researcher. When her boss books her into a non-existent hotel she decides to stay instead at the fabulous naturist Hotel Vera Player Club. Here she meets Gayle and Sammy who both work at the complex. From here n it is dreams of stardom and naked fun all the way …. and just who is the girl with no name?

Mermaid – a Flippant Tale Chloe a film producer, with her camera girl Marie-Lousie and model Suzanne travel to the Canary Island of Fuerteventura to make a film about naturism. Then Suzanne sees a mermaid (or does she?) Enter a news reporter, Amanda, and an enchanting story unfolds.

Treasured Island Alison and Amanda meet up with Adele and th mysterious Kate for a modern day treasure hunt around the exotic Caribbean naturist resort of Club Orient on St Martin.

Bareboat Odyssey Alison and her good friend Angie, both naturists, decide to go on a bareboat sailing holiday in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece. Here they meet up with Tony & Lousie for a story of naked adventure and romance on the high seas.

Naturism UK If you’re not a naturist this film may convince you to try it. Alison Brown and Charlie Simonds, assisted by the lovely Maria, present a lively look at naturism i the United Kingdom by visiting many places where the spontaneous fun of naked leisure can be enjoyed.

Sunkissed Cover Girls Charlie Simonds and Alison Brown explain what it takes to be an H&E cover girl and give many sparkling examples of those who have made it.

Naked Photo Shoot Join Charlie and Alison on a whole week’s photo-shoot at the lovely French naturist resort of Arnaoutchot with their two gorgeous models Angie and Kerry.

Naked Enchantment Formentera in the Spanish Balearic Isles is a naturist’s paradise as Charlie and Alison discover in this lively story of romance and fun with Steve, Lisa, Wendy and Holly.

Cap d’Agde – Naked City With approx 40,000 naturists staying at any one time, Cap d’Agde is the biggest naturist resort in the world. Alison and Wendy investigate this naturist phenomenon.

Let’s Get Naked, Great Britain Charlie Simonds and Alison Brown continue to discover interesting people and places that make up naturist Great Britain.

Cretan Kalypso Share with Alison Brown and Charlie Simonds the making of this film at Britain’s oldest naturist club at Spielplatz and also in the sunshine of the Mediterranean and Kalypso Cretan village. Here with friends Sammy, April, Jocelyne and Regis, they discover why this resort is so popular.

In Harmony with Nature (The World of Naturism) In this film Charlie and Alison dispel the saucy images of naturism and visit resorts around the world where naturism can be enjoyed. (This film contains material featured in other Parafoto videos and is sold at a special price of œ14 incl p&p and VAT)

Barely Balearic Wendy and Charlie Simonds are joined by old friends, Jocelyne and Regis and Holly, and a newcomer naturism, Zoe, to undertake a lively look at the sparkling jewel of naturism in Ibiza, Club Vista and Bahia Nature.

The Freedom of Naturism The special kind of freedom that is naturism is investigated by Wendy Cooper, Charlie Simonds and Alison Brown. Between them they visit Spielplatz the oldest naturist club in the country, return to the Bournemouth and District Outdoor Club and discover Pendennis, a naturist B&B facility in Cornwall.

Cast off with the Cockatoo The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is th picturesque setting for a naturist sailing holiday aboard the good ship Cockatoo. Join Wendy, Angie, Holly and Danielle in their naked adventures as they discover a beach of tortoises, demonstrate their expertise (or lack of it) at various aquatic activities and hunt for ancient treasures underwater. Turkey is a country with a unique and fascinating culture which they experience at first hand.

Why Go Naked? Why go naked? Maybe this film, produced by Charlie Simonds and Wendy Cooper, will go some of the way to provide the answer. Meet gorgeous Dutch naturist Marieke, as she experiences naturism in England for the first time and later returns to visit naturist Yorkshire. Also meet th lovely Christina and accompany her on a visit to Rhoscollyn on Angelsey (Wales).Chloe, Jill, Madeline, Danielle, Sally, Cindy and Nicola are some of Charlie’s Angels who also help to answer the question: “Why go naked?”

Carefreely Corfu Join Charlie and Wendy as they investigate naturist opportunities on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu assisted by old friends Jocelyne and Regis, Marieke and Sally.

Naked Video Shoot In this film, Charlie Simonds and Wendy Cooper provide practical guidance on how to improve the video filming of your naturist holiday. This informative film, shot in lovely naturist surroundings, is a must for camcorder enthusiasts.

David Ball of Heritage Video International was originally based at Macclesfield in the UK but is now based full time in the USA. He has a range of vids

Educating Julie, the world’s first naturist feature film. Shy student Julie has a project to research during her summer vacation. She is soon travelling around naturist locations in the UK, France and Florida (obviously not a student in modern day Britain!)

Naked As Nature Intended, although published as a video by David Ball this was originally a cinema film released in the 1960s. The original NANI made by Harrison Marks was certainly a milestone and the medium of video makes this collectors film readily available to all although it does now look rather dated. 3 pretty secretaries on holiday in Devon and Cornwall (UK) meet up with two committed nudists ….

Freedom Denmark shows why Denmark is considered to be the home of freedom and liberation for naturists. Visits to Hans Andersons home and Copenhagen are included with of course all the fun of club action with nude volleyball, water skiing and acrobatics and miniten.

Summer in Holland is packed full of nude action with some of the most active naturists in the world. Includes many controversial events like a steam train ride in the nude (and the intervention of officials), a nude canal boat trip and a nude walk around the e city centre of Amsterdam.

Winter in HollandSome naturists hibernate in winter but this film shows no lack of ideas for Dutch naturists. One exciting event after another with participation being the name of the game.

Let Yourself be Free is filmed on location in Canada and the USA and shows contemporary nudism through a series of candid and intense interviews with nudists extolling the virtues of family nudism. This is not a travelogue.

Canada Naturally, the Film, Part One is possibly the most youthful naturist film ever made. Be captivated by the nude golf, the amazing rescue at Le Cypres, and lots of happy kids at the Oasis plus many other exciting events.

Canada Naturally, th Film, Part Two has David Ball continuing his journey across Canada. Breathtaking scenery and lots of exciting events for you to enjoy. A superb nude essay.

Naked USA Volume 1, California Part One shows the strange and mesmerizing sights of Nude California with naked horse riding, underwater swimming, a nude wedding. Plus some of the most beautiful nudists resorts on the West Coast.

Naked USA Volume 1, California Part Two completes David Ball’s tour around California. A razzamatazz of nude fun including sky diving, yoga, wet T shirt competition (?) and much more!

Naked USA Volume 2, Florida Part One shows wildlife, Disney World, exuberant Florida naturists including body painting, naked air boat riding etc.

Naked USA Volume 2, Florida Part Two discover luxurious nudist clubs and discos. Met an English couple who emigrated to enjoy Florida naturism. Lots of fun activities including frisbee, golf and a children’s tree climb.

Naked USA Volume 3, Texas spend Independence Day with the nudists, go ballooning, meet Mr & Mrs Nude Texas, lots of lakeside fun, visit South Fork (home of the Ewings of Dallas), visit downtown Dallas, a convention and the famous Hippy Hollow.

Naked USA Volume 4, Arizona and Nevada has desert resorts, house parties, being nude at Rainbow Bridge, camping, teenage egg throwing, a desert ramble, the Grand canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and meet Tom a disabled nudist who chose nude leisure to gain acceptance and self esteem.

Once We Were Naked, visits Beau Brummel’s beautiful Beau Valley Naturist Resort in South Africa. Giraffe, zebra and cheetah roam freely and this rather unusual film takes naturists right into it all. Possibly the same film then contrasts completely by showing a visit to the World Naturist Congress at Spain’s Costa Natura and shows Cap d’Agde in France.

Naked African Safari is the second David Ball video to feature the one time pop star Beau Brummel’s naturist resort in South Africa. Not only will you run nude with the game – lions – elephants and crocs – you can also experience the crashing of an air balloon and unwind at a nude party.

Bare Facts of Oz takes you bare boating in the Whit Sundays and catching waves at Noosa Heads. Swim in Sydney Harbour – paddle a canoe on the Wollondilly River – ride a dune buggy at Beachport or play volleyball on famous Swanney Beach. Plus lots more!

Naked Down Under gives you a taste of New Zealand. A magical journey featuring active thermal geysers, the Flying Fox, nude golf, magnificent scenery, thermal pools and the chance to meet the many people that makes New Zealand a special place.


Mike Herring produced a range of vids in the UK, particularly of Eastern European countries.

Susan Mayfield had a range of low cost videos which were marketed though her Video Club – these subsequently passed into the ownership of Paul Richardson (UK)

Mark Nesbit (UK) produced a range of videos, notably the EUREKA yearly reviews

Tower Production (UK) have a range of videos, espescially located in France

Brian Sterling (UK) was the cameraman / director for some of David Ball’s productions but he also produces videos in his own right.

Shooting the Nude is not just for the serious naturis photograher but offers lots of hints and advice to help improve nude photography. Filmed in Manchester at some of the best studios available the same team went on to do the first Nude Workout.

All Nude Workout Volume One Brian Sterling is a keep fit expert and he offers practical help and advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle. Features Nude Aerobics and Weight Training with a gorgeous Dutch instructoress, a delicious English maiden or two and an old man past his sell by date (notably me!)

All Nude Workout Volume 2 shows a younger and fresher team continuing toexercise nude with new step routines, and a body sculpting session.

The Art of Nude Massage – relax into the world of sensual pleasure, enjoy the sensation of skin to skin contact as you learn the best methods to enjoy this most exhilerating of experiences.

Coast & Country have a number of video recordings of full length TV shows shown in the UK – this is archive material only and not available for duplication and sale. C&C have also attempted to collect individual interviews, shorter clips etc off TV broadcasts as well as sound radio recordings.