Media Contact

We want to help the media as much as we can but long experience teaches us that very often media people want an answer now. Even if we can drop everything for you (work I’m talking about!) that doesn’t mean we can instantly contact other naturists around the country – they very often have a “proper job” in the day.

Also we maintain confidentiality  – so don’t ask us to give out phone numbers although we’ll help by passing your number along to naturists. The best results come if we have time to publicise your needs in one of our regular mailings – which can be anything from two days to two months away. Yes, two months no good, we understand that. But the most demanding request we ever heard was from a telly company who wanted a pair of naturists to get to a studio (admittedly in London) within the next two hours! Some media folk are either very lazy or unrealistic.

We don’t actually get much out of all this so called “helpful publicity” – we get nothing financially and over the years only a small number of folk have got into naturism after media publicity. So whilst we’re not unwilling to help – and we don’t even mind film-makers who are into a light hearted look at this game of ours – don’t expect us to greet you media folk with unbounded enthusiasm – we know that “it is only telly” and we’re hard to impress!

Contact Us – by letter, phone, fax or email. We’re here to help.

David Martin
Coast & Country Naturists
3 Mayfield Avenue, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 6DF (UK)

Phone: 01723-503456 (8 am to 8 pm most days)
Fax: 01723-503456 – but not always left on automatic receive mode.
Email: davidmartin AT  – but the phone is better, email can go unread all day.