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You’ll find all sorts in here, a right dumping room! It ought to be called “The Library” or “The Attic” or “The Archives” but it ain’t. Hopefully there will be a list at the top of the page giving you a clue as to what is here but part of the fun of rummagng through an attic is you never know what you’re going to find.


These OLD ARCHIVES may be of interest – or there again they could just be seen as the ramblings of somebody who has been out in the sun for too long!

We have been serving naurists in Britain since 1982 and some of this stuff was written so long ago that we no longer have the old computers or the software to make the words look pretty. Over the years we have spent a fortune trying to give our fellow nuddies well presented papers – we have worn out two printing presses (our present press has churned out over 15 million sheets!) – can’t remember how many computers we have used – starting with a Sinclair ZX81 (which never did any serious work) but a CP/M Einstein machine output the copy for our first full sized naturist holiday guide book in 1982. We have had four or five computers since and I have an office stuffed with “legacy” equipment – that’s a polite way of referring to old gear nobody wants! So the words that follow are not set out all stylish and jazzy but maybe you’ll enjoy them anyway …….

Naturists Hobbies

Jargon Words – that might or might not be useful to know

List of all Naturist Books and Videos ever published – well maybe!

That New Law – the text of the “call to arms” letter of January 2001 which”activated” a team of 80 campaigners – through their work we won the day and Sex Offences Act 2003 has been “defused” in that it represents no threat to naturists.


I would like to show the range of hobbies and interests which you have! Not the naturist stuff – we all have a common interest in naturism – otherwise what else are you doing looking at this site?  But many naturists, most in my experience, are interesting and lively people who live action packed and fun filled lives. Your working life, what you do to earn your bread and butter, may be of interest to other readers and if you think your work is interesting then you can tell us about it here. And away from work is the wonderful world of spare time activities, hobbies and interests. Do tell us about them!

It is a fallacy to imagine that naturists never talk about work, politics, money or sex. The gneral rule is that (although you will need to give your full name and address to your club secretary or event organiser) we only use first names and we don’t stand on any artificial ceremony – we take each other as equals as we find ourselves – but as yu get to know naturists you will inevitable come to discuss many other aspects of life apart from the rather boring …. “So did yu go to the so and so swim / party / competition last week?”

Flicking around my memory I have enjoyed meeting many unusual folk.

Perhaps you have an interest in parachuting, regularly compete in long distance runs, are a world record holder, enjoy drinking real ale, study Esperanto, make decoupage boxes, tend your garden, keep bees, go bird watching, paint or carve, climb mountains, have an ambition to sail around Cape Horn ……. The list is endless and ALL the activities mentioned above are done by naturists that I know.

So do tell me. Send an email or a letter and I will copy some or all of the details off your email and onto this screen. I will NOT put your address or phone number but I will add your email address IF you specially ask me to – other wise I’ll make it totally anonymous. What about showing your name? Do tell me if you wish me to show your surname, if you don’t tell me particularly to mention your last name then I shall stay on the side of caution and just show your first name.
We look forward to hearing from you, and you and you and YES, you too.

Charlie is a parachutist – Helmut a diver – Russ enjoys his kit cars – Craig is a champion stock car racer and Mick is into drag racing. Peter held the world land speed record for blind drivers – Bryan is doing the Pennine Way – Hedley is a cyclist – Cheryl makes wine – Ann is into real ale though. Sue embroiders – Carolyn designs superb gardens – Jill treads the boards and is a show dog judge – Shirley also has dogs and shows them. Wayne looks after horse for long distance train riding whilst Peter keeps an eye on public access to bridleways. Ian takes sports photographs – Nikki enjoys modelling. David & Caroline run long races very fast – Helen is a superb swimmer – Steve is into medieval tournaments – Cyril is a Councillor – Ian a national park volunteer warden. Derek and Chris are into bird watching and walking – Dennis enjoys his four wheel driving. John writes guide books about canals – Derek is into yoga (so is Clive) – the list goes on and on!


Jargon Buster

These are common names and words which are in use within the naturist world. Knowing the meaning of these words will help you get more out of your hobby but don’t regard them as strict legal definitions. The word “he” should be taken to mean either a male or a female – wasn’t it Winston Churchill who rather wittily pointed out “he embraces she”!

ABNC Association of British Naturist Clubs – an organization for sited sun clubs and other naturist facilities which aims to safeguard their own interests as well as promote naturism. ABNC does not have individuals as members, the organisations making up ABNC tend to be commercially owned. Somewhat like a hotels association?

activists are the naturists who actually get things organized, not the same as “active naturists”.

admission policy – see also cards and CCBN

affiliated club loosely used means a club which is itself a member club of the CCBN (see under “member clubs”). In fact CCBN has some “affiliated associations” which are groups that are sympathetic to naturism but not actually naturist clubs as such.

balance Some folk believe a correct balance must be maintained between the sexes present at naturist meetings. It is said to be the reason for the “no single males” rule or the singles quota.

beach pool is a swimming pool which has a shallow entry – just like a beach sloping into the sea.

blind eye Some local authorities turn a blind eye to naturism, they know that nudists use a certain beach but they take no action to hassle them nor do they encourage them.

bodywork To a car mechanic “bodywork” means those bits what get rusty! “Bodywork” means something different to a weight-lifter. When used in a massage or body painting context it implies touch or closeness to some extent – even some naturists feel uncomfortable with the suggestion that touch can be acceptable and a part of social interaction not necessarily associated with a sexual act.

BN is short for British Naturism which is the quarterly magazine issued to members by the CCBN. In recent years CCBN has adopted the “trading name” of British Naturism – rather offensive to those who are outside the CCBN pale but who are involved in British naturism.

British Naturist Association was formed in 1987 to finance projects which would help naturism . The BNA undertook to meet the initial costs of establishing the web site www.naturist.org.uk They have supported individuals through the provision of legal aid. A seemingly less productive initiative was to encourage the creation of UKNA.

body art, one end of this “scene” covers permanent items such as tattoos and pierced jewelry. Nudists interested in body art tend to be concerned with techniques such as tinted hair colourings, shaped pubic haircuts, depilating, and non-permanent body paintings done with non-toxic paints. Those with pierced body jewelry may be banned or discriminated against at some naturist places.

body-guilt is a term often used by Phil Vallack in his Free Sun publications (see FSB). It refers to the hangups which Mr and Mrs Joe Public have about their own bodies and specifically associates the naked body with negative feelings of guilt, shame, furtiveness, etc. The subtle point is that Phil would argue that many naturists also have a lot of body-guilt! In fact such “hung up” nuddies probably cause more problems than textiles with hang ups.

body painting, is simply the process of decorating a body with non-toxic and non-permanent paints. Enjoyable in itself it also concentrates the intellect! (Editor: If you believe that you’ll believe anything.) Body painting meets and tackles head on one of the greatest of taboos within British naturism – is it OK to touch and be touched? Enjoyed in California, France and many naturist resorts but regarded with suspicion by many traditional British naturists. In recent years body painting in the UK has declined and possibly this is due to the rise in interest in massage – which is another breach of the great “do not touch” taboo.

card holder is a person who has some sort of a membership card. Confusion arises because the card could be a CCBN Card or a Club Card. See also Club card.

CCBN is short for Central Council for British Naturism. A nationwide body to control and represent the naturist movement. A CCBN Supporter Member is an individual member – he has bought a membership card from CCBN and is a non-voting member of the CCBN Members Section. The actual title “Supporter Member” has now been changed and is less frequently heard.

clothes optional means that you personally choose whether or not to wear clothes or costumes. Compulsory nudity is rarely forced upon anybody.

club card holder is a person who has a membership card for a CLUB – not the same thing as having a membership card for CCBN (which see). Confusion is caused because sometimes people want visitors to hold a membership card for a Club which is itself a member-club of CCBN (see CCBN or affiliated club). Be aware that there are at least three variations on this theme: (1) CCBN card holders welcome (easy, just pay your money to CCBN, forfeit your democratic rights and find that many CCBN member clubs will not entertain a single male CCBN card holder!); (2) Club card holders welcome (they will welcome people from ANY club); (3) CCBN Club card holders welcome (quite restrictive, you have to be a member of a club which is itself a member of CCBN) and (4) CCBN or Club card holders welcome (the insertion of “or” makes all the difference here. Basically they welcome people who have some sort of formal allegiance to some sort of organization but they are not too restrictive as to which type.)

Coast & Country has come to represent a particular view of modern British naturism and attracts nationwide support from naturists who believe that C&C are carrying on good work. One part of C&C is a “commercial” publishing company, another is the C&C Club which is run separately and purely for social rather than commercial reasons.

communal nudity, is mentioned in the INF definition of naturism, and is presumably the same as social nudism.

CORAL was the Clothing Optional Recreation and Leisure group.

day visits Many clubs will admit non-members as day visitors, either as a prelude to seeking membership (often called a trial visit) or as holiday makers.

depilating, the process of shaving off pubic hair. It may have swung in and out of fashion. A t one time the Censors in Britain would not allow pubic hair to be depicted so many old photos which appear to show depilated persons were “hirsute” who had been “touched up” in the photo labs.

EC stands for the Executive Committee of CCBN.

EUREKA is the name of a club in Kent founded by Mark Wilson, who died suddenly in Feb 1996. The “EUREKA philosophy” describes the particular brand of club life found there. It is not approved by everybody!

FedBN was the name given to a fledgling new national association which aimed to serve individual British Naturists and was ultimately named United Kingdom Naturist Association (UKNA).

flashers get a sexual thrill out of exposing themselves. They aren’t a major problem on most naturist beaches but they can be very subtle; managing to be close by the track when the train passes; going down for a swim just as a textile family walk the length of the beach. The danger comes when locals campaign to close the beach because they perceive them as a threat to local children. Let’s get rid of ’em first ourselves. Take photos and tell them to push off.

foreshore the part of the beach which lies between low water mark and high water mark – usually but not always available to the public as a right of way providing they can find a right of way which leads to it. Very often the land belongs to the Crown but in most cases it is administered on a day by day basis by the local authority.

free beach An unfortunate term – it certainly does not imply “free love” or anything like it. It’s an unofficial nudist beach. Free Sun Beach sounds more attractive.

flume is the proper name for those huge water slides now being put into modern swimming pools.

Freikorperkultur see FKK.

FSB is short for Free Sun Beaches, a term coined by Phil Vallack. Similar to FKK but not so widely understood. Free Sun is a sort of shorthand for that side of naturism which is associated with openness rather than the secretive, insular naturism practised by some club members.

FKK, is German for Freikorperkultur. An FKK Campsite or an FKK beach is a nudist place and such signposts are often see along roads in Europe and even on British beaches! Freikorperkultur could mean the culture of the free body but the translation of FKK should not be taken too literally (this is a non-linguist speaking) – a Freibad for example is not a swimming pool where you can swim without costumes, it is an “open air” pool. When you study the activities of the pre 1933 German nudists you start to see that FKK probably had more to do with “the open air” – paralleled in the UK by the use of names such as Liverpool Sun and Air Club.

fun pool is a swimming pool designed for leisure rather than serious swimming or training. Usually they are irregular in shape and may have wave machines, flumes, beaches etc. Also called beach pools, free form pools or leisure pools.

gate policy – see admission policy.

gill running The habit of rambling up streams, especially in the Lake District and mountain areas.

H&E monthly magazine called Health & Efficiency.

holiday naturist are naturists who go abroad for two or three weeks holiday every year but show no interest in any naturist activities once they get back home. A maligned breed the term can be used almost as a term of contempt although for the life of me I cannot see why they shouldn’t do exactly as they wish with their own leisure time.

home nudism, is going without clothing within the confines of your own home. Somebody who doe s this might not necessarily be a social nudist.

INF, is the International Naturist Federation.

INF Card is actually a CCBN card (purchased mail order from CCBN) which carries an INF stamp for the current year to show that CCBN has paid the INF dues. The Naturist Foundation has long advised their supporters to carry their Naturist Foundation subscriber cards instead of an INF card. ANBC clubs have an identity card which they can issue which is used informally as an INF card in Europe. Even the humble C&C Club card has been accepted as a “passport” at prestige French resorts. The impetus to maintain the INF card as a sort of “camping carnet” probably stems from financial motives – or am I being cynical? Recently the CCBN has introduced a credit card size card which requires a photograph in order to claim benefits.

INF defines naturism (American = nudism) as “a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.”

IRC stands for International Reply Coupon. You cannot send an SAE abroad because foreign countries won’t use British stamps and vice-versa. (This applies also to Eire, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.) So you buy an IRC at your Post Office (costs about 50 pence) and send that abroad instead of an SAE. Your foreign friend then changes the IRC at his local post office for a foreign stamp which he can use to mail the reply back to you.

landed clubs are those which occupy land – see non-sited clubs.

members As in everyday life it is often what you are a member of that counts; you get more Brownie points in some quarters for being a member of a club than for being a member of CCBN. And membership of some clubs (the unaffiliated ones, the not bona-fide ones, the ones that allow nude disco dancing etc) is not so highly valued as membership of some others. But that apart, all organizations exist to provide for their own members and they don’t necessarily have any obligations towards outsiders.

member clubs sounds odd but they are in fact the clubs which are affiliated to CCBN. Don’t forget CCBN is a strange body composed of member clubs (organizations) and individual members (people), with the balance of power being vested with the clubs rather than the individual members.

miniten A popular sport in naturist clubs, closely resembling tennis but played on a smaller court – therefore making it more practicable. The only other major difference is in the racket used – but I cannot describe a miniten bat (thug) in the space available here! Miniten is to naturism what short tennis is to schools.

miniten, rules and regs, there are rules laid down for the game – vital for competitions – and these can be obtained from The Naturist Foundation – used to be ten pence but send ’em a quid to aid their work!

naked means just that. Not many nudists go totally naked, for example sandals and beach shoes are often worn to protect the feet and many keen nudists wear watches and jewelry.

naturist, there are far more nudists in Britain than there are naturists, but the word naturist is preferred by many Brits since it avoids the stigma and ridicule conjured up by the term nudist. According to the INF definition a naturist is a nudist who has concerns which go beyond the mere enjoyment of social nudity. Not every British nudist is a naturist although every naturist must be a nudist. A sterile debate – the use of the two words is often picked up by the media but many naturists don’t care too much about which word is used.

Naturist Code A list of thirteen points promulgated by CCBN which attempts to define in a water tight fashion what is acceptable. Some say the Code was deliberately devised by the naturist establishment twenty years ago so that particular clubs would not be able to match their definition of a bona fide sun club – EUREKA springs to mind. In recent years CCBN has brought the Naturist Code back into the spotlight but many of their members see it as a source of problems.

naturist-friendly, we’ve got used to user friendly computers and environment friendly hair sprays. Naturist friendly refers to a person, organization or company which, although itself not naturist, goes to extra special lengths to put up with us!

Naturist Headquarters, is the postal and telegraphic address of the Naturist Foundation.

Naturist Foundation is a registered charity based in Orpington. It does not have members but there are many contributors (who are perhaps members of one of the sun clubs which use the Brocken Hurst grounds) and it also has supporters who contribute financially towards the work of the Foundation.

NAUK was the Naturist Association of the United Kingdom. Founded by Paul Fields, NAUK had no constitution and no clear aims and it didn’t last long. There was no connexion whatsoever with UKNA.

non-landed clubs always sounds slightly less pejorative than non-sited clubs – which see.

non-sited clubs always sounds a bit of an insult! Is it better to own an acre of land or rent a ten million quid leisure complex for the night? It all depends upon what you want to do. I sometimes tell people that Coast & Country has a 200,000 hectare site – it’s called “Yorkshire”! But that is misleading because we actually operate all over Britain.

Normal, a word avoided by myself and many other naturist authors. Never fall into the trap of describing non-naturists as “normal” since that labels ourselves as “abnormal”. On the other hand only the most perverse debater will argue that naturists are normal and the rest of the world is abnormal.

nudist, in the United States and Canada the word naturism is not always used. They generally use the plain old descriptive word of nudist but this is changing.

nudist, somebody who goes nude in social situations when the rest of the population would choose to wear clothes. See also home nudism and social nudism.

Nudist HQ is the telegraphic address of the EUREKA Club, not to be confused with Naturist Headquarters, although the choice of name probably was deliberately meant to confuse!

official beach A beach where the owners permit visitors to swim, sunbathe and play games whilst nude. All official beaches in Britain are designated “clothes optional” there are no official nude beaches in the sense of nudity being compulsory. This is a complex legal issue which is covered in depth in the C&C book “The Nudist Way”. It has also been inaccurately covered in numerous magazine articles.

open days are held by many clubs. They give a chance for non members to visit the club. Sometimes (particularly at Wrekin View) the invitations extend to inviting non-nudists, such as local councillors, nearby villagers etc.

overflow A naturist beach can get so popular that the users tend to overflow off it onto adjacent textile beaches or into the “no mans land” which separates textiles from nudists.

passport The INF card used to be called an INF passport, because it had to be lodged at the reception desk when visiting foreign naturist resorts. The practice has largely died out nowadays but the terminology lives on. Most couples will gain access to naturist facilities without carrying any cardboard altho at Gerry Rylands own club in Wales my wife and I were asked to show brown bums as proof of our naturist life-style! A few of the larger French resorts do still insist on cards being produced but short term holiday cards are always available.

petanque is the French game of boules and is played in a special area called the terrain. It requires very little space, no special playing area; no great stamina or strength, the equipment can be cheap and the rules simple. It has caught on in the naturist movement.

Regions or Regional Associations are part of the CCBN structure. A regional association is ma de up of the CCBN affiliated clubs within an area. There is a regional committee elected annually at the regional AGM, and that is the closest that most members can get to playing an active part in the election of CCBN officials.

SAE is stamped, addressed envelope. Sometimes also called a SASE – a self addressed stamped envelope. Don’t expect any reply unless you enclose an SAE. If in doubt as to how big an envelope you should send then you can always send two or three loose stamps instead. (Remember, the true cost of replying to a letter is not just the stamp to post it to you, but the price of the envelope, the writing paper, the photocopy and the time taken to walk down to the letter-box!)

safety in numbers Most naturists who use beaches feel more secure if there are a few other naturists on the beach. The safety factor is greatly increased if naturist ladies or children are on the beach. Eventually you get to the stage where you feel safe even on your own – you get the experience to recognize when there is sufficient isolation for it not to matter any more. In any case our fears are largely inside our own minds.

season, “the season” used to mean the summer months suitable for outdoor sunbathing but naturism is now an all year round activity with just as many events and venues in winter. If any change in pace can be detected I would say that the “busy season” now gets under way each October when the winter programmes are launched by club activists.

SIG stands for Special Interest Group. These groups are usually very informal and are made up of naturist people who share an additional interest, anything from ham radio to photography or massage. SIGs are very well developed in the USA but less so over here.

sited club is a club which has land. Most clubs use some facilities – often a rented swimming pool perhaps – but they are perhaps regarded as inferior by some of those who prefer the sited or landed clubs.

skinny dipping the American term for swimming without costumes, you either like it (the term) or hate it. Personally I think it’s a term we could expect the great British public to accept – once they’ve got used to the word itself, they’ll perhaps get used to accepting the idea?

skin walking is another American word – I suppose it has more zap than “rambling in the nude”.

social nudism, is an essential but often forgotten part of being either a nudist or a naturist. A home nudist can enjoy being without clothes in private but he might not be a nudist. A genuine nudist meets with other nudists (or is prepared to) in a social situation, whether it be for games, or to chat, for a party, at a swimming pool, on the beach or even (go on say it!) for a disco dance.

Speilplatz is the name of one of the first naturist clubs opened in Britain – still open it is now the oldest club in the UK.

Supporters; can apply to anybody (even a textile) who supports naturist ideals – so we can talk about Parish Councillors who are supporters, or people who run textile hotels can also be supporters. Naturist friendly is another similar word. In a specialized sense the word is also used inside CCBN and the Naturist Foundation to indicate a type of “member” so see those entries also.

Swim session – you’d think everybody would know what a swim session was! Remember, you don’t have to be a keen swimmer, indeed nobody is going to laugh if you cannot swim at all. A naturist swim session is an opportunity for people to meet and relax in a naturist environment. Many people spend most of their time just chatting and socializing and not swimming.

Swim club – bear in mind the above comments that swimming is just the excuse to get together! A swim club is one which organizes its events at (usually rented) swimming pools and sauna rather than possessing it own land. See landed club.

Swinger is somebody who indulges in sex for fun with somebody other than his or her regular partner. Only a tiny minority of nudists / naturists are involved in swinging, but it is foolish to pretend it doesn’t happen. The important point is that naturism / nudism is not essential to swinging or vice versa. Where the two activities are found together this is no reflection against naturism and the chorus of disapproval in some quarters perhaps highlights some attitude about sex in general.

status – in naturism not many folk are bothered about your financial status – the important status within naturism is “single” or a “couple” or a “family”. It matters if it has a bearing upon the type of naturist activities being organized and it matters some of the time (but not often) when organizers are considering the dreaded balance – they don’t want an event to be overrun by men!

textile, it’s important to remember that this word is not used in any derogatory sense. “Textiles” are people who prefer to remain clothed, rather than go nude. “Textile swimming” or “textile bar” means that you must wear swimming costumes in the pool and some clothes in the bar. A great many activities organised in private naturist premises actually insist on clothing being worn in the evening but the organizers would object if you called them textiles!

textile gap the strip of no mans land that you find on some beaches which separate textiles from naturists. If the textile gap is important beware of overspills creating friction. If the textile gap is not important then sunny days see increasing tolerance and acceptance between all users.

thud the small balls used by jugglers.

thug is the name given to a miniten bat.

tolerated beach one where nudists are accepted by the owners or the locals, but nobody is prepared to say so. The best tolerated (or blind eye) beaches are better than some official beaches.
top free another American word, the same as “top less” but somehow it has a more positive sound.
UKNA is the United Kingdom Naturist Association which was formed to serve the interests of individual naturists on a nationwide basis. It ran (about) 1994-98.

unit This is connected with membership and counting. A club could have 100 members – i.e. 100 different bodies, but only 40 units. 25 units could be families (mum, dad and one child), that makes 75 bodies. 10 units could be couples, that’s another 20 bodies, and 5 units could be singles. That’s a total of 100 bodies but only 40 units. Membership fees etc are often quoted “per unit” not per individual body.

Vallack, Phil Vallack is a writer and artist who lives and works in Sussex. At the age of 80 (2000) he enjoys reasonably good health and passes his time in sculpture and being accosted on the Hastings Promenade by lovely elder ladies who may be interested in Phil or in his electric buggy – Phil’s lovely wife is in no doubt as to their motives! During the eighties he produced about fifteen editions of three separate books which have had a great effect in opening up the secretive world of naturism. The only way to understand him and his philosophy is to read his books! Well worth it.

visitors people admitted to events who are not members. Contrary to the impression given in some quarters, it is a privilege for any person to be allowed to visit. Facilities are provided for members not casual visitors.

voyeurs. Some beaches, not all, attract voyeurs who get a sexual thrill from watching. The discomfort for the naturists on the beach arises from the intensity of the watching voyeur, he’ll often spend hours just waiting and watching (for what?) Dangers arise if local residents perceive the voyeurs as a threat to local children and they then try to get rid of the nude beach. It’s usually easy to distinguish between the voyeur and the plain curious. The latter should be tolerated with good grace. Voyeurs should be photographed and told to push off or be reported.

wannabee – a delightful American term – I’m not sure if it is tongue in cheek. Somebody who “wants to be”. Lots of folk want to be naturists – we try to help them! Let’s fill the country with happy naturists – it will be a better world for it.

Bibliographic list of all known Naturist Publications

Last edited 7th Feb 2000, more editing due soon, some stuff left off this file.

This list is restricted to ENGLISH LANGUAGE versions but even so it is a rather grand claim to have listed all the naturist publications that have ever been available as well as those you can still buy. So let’s say that we’re concentrating on British stuff with the occasional skirmish across the Atlantic and around to the Antipodes. But it is still a big job for the aim of this file is to bring together details about EVERY naturist “publication” whether it be a book, guide book, novel, magazine, film, video, play or poem.

Although some prices are mentioned, this list is not primarily to tempt you to buy anything. Many items will now be out of print anyway but this information is still useful to serious researchers – copies of out of print publications are available through libraries and also in the hands of private collectors. These publications form a wealth of material available to all naturists (well, anybody who can afford to pay the cover price!) The purpose of this list is to encourage serious research and further reading, somebody once commented that “naturism” cannot be anything more than a passing fad otherwise the phenomena would have spawned a whole shelf full of serious literature.

The list was started about 1996 by David Martin at Coast & Country Publications and most of the books and videos can be obtained from him. But many items originate from naturists who sell direct – they have all got a copy of this list – so feel free to buy direct from them.

Coast & Country also encourage the development of a “naturist literature” – if you think we can help YOU to get your work before a wider audience then do contact us direct. If you’re engaged in a project for college or university then we’re prepared to help by selling you our own guides but prepared to help you much much more if you allow us to print some of your essay or findings for others to access. (Yes there are problems with academic institutions copyright but talk to us, don’t dismiss it out of hand.)

If you think you can add extra titles to this list or give additional information or opinions about any item listed then please contact David Martin – using the email button on this site is the easy way. What it really needs is for some “expert” to offer a couple of hours help to extend the list. That “expert” could be a professional librarian or even a library enthusiast, or perhaps a collector or a student interested in research. If you think you can help do contact David – he will arrange for all the data to be retyped and sorted out if you don’t wish to spend time on that part of it and honestly, a couple of hours work from somebody who knows about research and collecting would be an invaluable contribution to the naturist community or those wishing to study naturism because it would be published here and available to millions of people. Sadly I have to report that no offer of help has been put forward since 1997 when Doug (and American from Washington who came to a C&C Walking Weekend) added some of the American titles.

Naturism gets plenty of TV coverage (not very often “uncoverage”) and Coast & Country have a number of video recordings of full length TV shows shown in the UK – this is archive material only and not available for duplication and sale. C&C have also attempted to collect individual interviews, shorter clips etc off TV broadcasts as well as sound radio recordings. This material is not catalogued manually never name listed here – if you think it might be useful in your studies then do get in touch. (But note a hefty DEPOSIT will be required against the loan of archive material – your deposit will be paid back once you return borrowed items to us safely.)

I have tended to group items together for each publisher rather than by type of media. But the list is not exactly ordered so any student would benefit by browsing right through the lot – it is still a darned sight easier than starting from scratch!

Phil Vallack – Free Sun Publications

Note that Phil Vallack started publishing guides in the nineteen-eighties. As a self publisher he used either his own name or the style of “Free Sun Publications”. For a short while in the mid-eighties his main Free Sun Beaches Book was published by “John Waite”. He retired from writing naturist guides and C&C took over the publication of the material (material rather than the books) in the early nineties and also acquired the Free Sun Publications title. (However Craven Walker purchased direct from Phil the rights to publish Inland Free Sun although Craven never did follow it through. Probably sensible as C&C guides had always embraced sea-side and “INLAND” information.) Phil continued to publish on and off right up to 1997(?) his last self published book being Living Sculpture. C&C now handle all Phil’s out of print material and his readers will be pleased to know that at the age of 80 Phil has just relocated to an easier to run home in Hastings where he still lives, in reasonable health, with his wonderful wife Diana.

Nude as a Newt, Phil Vallack
Naked as the Day, Phil Vallack
Free Sun Beaches, Phil Vallack
Inland Free Sun, Phil Vallack

Living Sculpture – Nudism into Art by Phil Vallack, 1996, 200 pages, ISBN 0 906677 13 0, price £8.00. With over 100 photographs and numerous lines drawings and sketches this is the latest of a long line of works from Phil Vallack. Having sold up to C&C in the early nineties, Phil Vallack went through a period of poor health but he is now (at the age of 75) fit and active and enjoying art and sculpture. Phil has always had an outspoken and individual approach and this book encapsulates a great deal about his life and attitude.

David Martin – Coast & Country Publications

All C&C items can be purchased from the WWW.NATURISTSHOP.CO.UK web site which has now been incorporated into this site – but enough of that hard selling stuff!

Naturist Guide Book to British Isles, David Martin, (1997), costs £12.50. (ISBN number 0 948228 80 6). Successor to the Naturist Holiday Handbook, this title has been issued most years since 1982. Aims to tell you about EVERYTHING which could interest naturists in Britain. That means all the clubs (including those which don’t get the CCBN “seal of approval”), holiday resorts, naturist bed and breakfast facilities, swimming and sauna sessions, naturist massage practitioners, organisations and everything else we can think might help you enjoy naturism more. The 1996 edition incorporated all Phil Vallack’s Free Sun beaches info altho the better beaches had featured in the guide on their own merits for some years. CCBN will not carry adverts for this book because it contains details about places they don’t approve of. (Actually CCBN won’t carry averts for many totally innocuous things because they regard them as “competition.”)

The Naturist Guide-Book to Europe, David Martin, reprinted 1996, cost £17.00 (ISBN 0 948228 15 6). It went out of print and is being replaced by detailed guides for the countries most popular with British naturists. Prior to C&C buying out Phil Vallack’s Free Sun Publications business, the C&C team had concentrated on British guides. Their 1993 Euro book represented their first foray into the Euro guide scene. Covers all the overseas places mentioned in Phil Vallack’s Free-Sun books, plus hundreds of extra places and naturist facilities listed for the first time. There was massive effort put into making sense of the INF World Guide information and expanding the detail shown in the INF Guide. It is a massive reference book – first published in 1993 and reprinted in 1995 – over 380 A4 sized pages – covering ALL 40 European countries (except Britain) – from Iceland down to the Canary Isles, Ireland across to Russia. Aims to give precise details of all naturist beaches or inland places, clubs and holiday centres – B&B and hotels – swimming sessions -sauna etc. It is unlikely that such an encyclopaedic work will ever be undertaken again although there are stirrings towards doing a “rest of the world” digest.

The Nudist Way, David Martin, £9.50 (ISBN 0 948228 60 1) This was originally described as the most important contribution to naturist literature for over a decade. In the early eighties a small guide was published called “A Nudist Guide to the North York Moors and Yorkshire Coast” and then in 1989 that grew into “Walking The Nudist Way”. Again the work was subsequently enlarged and rewritten as book for everyone who likes to be outdoors – to picnic and sun-bathe, walk and stroll and ramble in the British countryside. It has in fact grown into a book about naturism as a way of life. The whole of Britain is available for naturism … this book tells you the places to go and also explains the law and the underlying reasons for the increasing acceptance of naturism away from the beach. There are at least one hundred new places detailed in it – places to walk but also places to sit out in the countryside and sunbathe or picnic. 210 pages, lots of lovely new photographs – about twenty – and the book is now a conventional paperback complete with a stunning full colour heart stopping cover which will grace any coffee table and also provide a good read.

NO SHADOWS FALL – Born into Naturism, Mrs Iseult Richardson, price £9.95 (ISBN number 0 948228 25 3). It took over ten years for Mrs Richardson to write her own fascinating and moving biography, and it was a story which C&C Publications felt had to be published for the benefit of future generations of naturists. Iseult is the daughter of Charles & Dorothy Macaskie who founded Spielplatz – the oldest naturist club in Britain. Although there is a wealth of insider information about the early naturist days, this is not a history book but a very frank and intensely personal account of what it was like to live and grow up in a naturist community – a community which thrives even to this day and is still a permanent home to over thirty naturist families. This beautifully told story is illustrated with over sixty photographs plus half a dozen line drawings. There are 192 large pages (8 by 11 inches) and the soft-back book makes an ideal gift. Gripping and readable this is a book for textiles OR naturists.

From the USA

Nudist Society; Controversial Study of the Clothes-Free Naturist Movement in America 05637695
Naturist’s Notebook: Yarmouth County 05628090

Fun in the Sun; Nude, Nudist and Naturist Living 05625623

Family Naturism in America 05625622

Family Naturism in Europe 05625621

Nudist Magazines of the 50s and 60s: Collectors’ Edn 04829407

Naturist Holiday Handbook 04087320 (David Martin’s first book.)

Alternative Lifestyles; Guide to Research Collections on Intentional Communities, Nudism and Sexual Freedom 03362063

Fun in the Sun; Nude, Nudist and Naturist Living 01635749

Recollections of a Furtive Nudist 00539207

Family Naturism 00288019

Naturist Recreation 00288018

Confessions from a Nudist Colony 00223725

Guide to World Beaches Lee Baxandall founder of The Naturist Society – USA. This is a sumptuously produced glossy book which only covers a fraction of the beaches available but certainly shows them off to the best. Superb photography.

Cec Cinders

World Naturist Guide – INF published in Belgium

British Naturism Handbook – CCBN 00295681

Naturism in Britain – Naturist Foundation 00288020

Robin Clapham.


Starkers (UK) produced by Mark Nisbet issued quarterly, issue 13 due out Easter 1997

Sunlovers! (UK) produced by Susan Mayfield, first issue 36 pages Feb 1997, by Feb 2000 issue 15 was running to 40 pages but scheduled to appear six times per year.

H&E (UK) and the H&E quarterly and Specials, produced regularly in the UK from 1899 up to Dec 1996. In fact H&E was not originally a naturist magazine but claims to have become exclusively naturist sometime in the nineteen-thirties. Further publications was uncertain with the demise of Peenhill Ltd but continuity was maintained by New Freedom Publications although the specials and quarterlies were dropped. New Freedom also retained but froze the title and discontinued publication of the magazines which had brought Peenhill under the scrutiny of the authorities. By September 1999 Jane Hendy-Smith and Helen Ludbrooke, the two ex Peenhill staff who had been founder directors at New Freedom, had gone and the Editorship was passed to Mark Nisbet the original founder of Starkers mag. As at issue cover dated February 2000 the mags no longer feature a volume number and issue, it runs to 84 pages and seems to have a different slant regarding articles and advertising content.

BN Magazine (British Naturism) produced quarterly by CCBN and edited currently by Rex Watson.

The Grove (UK) produced by The Naturist Foundation

Chatterbox (UK) only ran for six issues produced by C&C

Life, Love and Naturism (UK) short lived work from Susan Mayfield

Discover (UK) short lived work from Susan Mayfield

Naturist World (UK) successful mag ran by Susan Mayfield which folded after being purchased by Chris Tomlins of CORAL Ltd

Nude and Natural (now N) Magazine (USA) published quarterly by The Naturist Society of Oshkosh USA

Australian Sun & Health


Videos. Charlie Simonds of Parafotos.

Hitch-hike This delightful film records the adventures of two beautiful girls, Lisa and Tanya who, during a hitchhiking holiday in France discover a naturist resort. Join them in their naked experiences.

Perfect Exposure This sparkling video tells the story of Jill a naturist photographer on a video shoot with two gorgeous models, Vida and Sam at Arnaoutchot the beautiful naturist resort on the French Coast de Landes.

Alison – Over the Moon Alison joins H&E photographer Jill on a photo shoot in Lanzarote. They meet Gail, a frustrated timeshare rep and introduce her to the joys of naturism. This vivacious trio’s naked adventures are recounted in this glamorous film.

Simone and 1000 Flowers Simone is invited by her cousin Marianne to visit the naturist resort of Millefleurs in the foothills of the Pyranees where she is working as yoga instructor. Simone persuades her photographer friend Jill to go with her and they have some surprises in store.

The Girl with No Name Meet Chloe who is a film company researcher. When her boss books her into a non-existent hotel she decides to stay instead at the fabulous naturist Hotel Vera Player Club. Here she meets Gayle and Sammy who both work at the complex. From here on it is dreams of stardom and naked fun all the way …. and just who is the girl with no name?

Mermaid – a Flippant Tale Chloe a film producer, with her camera girl Marie-Lousie and model Suzanne travel to the Canary Island of Fuerteventura to make a film about naturism. Then Suzanne sees a mermaid (or does she?) Enter a news reporter, Amanda, and an enchanting story unfolds.

Treasured Island Alison and Amanda meet up with Adele and the mysterious Kate for a modern day treasure hunt around the exotic Caribbean naturist resort of Club Orient on St Martin.

Bareboat Odyssey Alison and her good friend Angie, both naturists, decide to go on a bareboat sailing holiday in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece. Here they meet up with Tony & Louise for a story of naked adventure and romance on the high seas.

Naturism UK If you’re not a naturist this film may convince you to try it. Alison Brown and Charlie Simonds, assisted by the lovely Maria, present a lively look at naturism in the United Kingdom by visiting many places where the spontaneous fun of naked leisure can be enjoyed.

Sunkissed Cover Girls Charlie Simonds and Alison Brown explain what it takes to be an H&E cover girl and give many sparkling examples of those who have made it.

Naked Photo Shoot Join Charlie and Alison on a whole week’s photo-shoot at the lovely French naturist resort of Arnaoutchot with their two gorgeous models Angie and Kerry.

Naked Enchantment Formentera in the Spanish Balearic Isles is a naturist’s paradise as Charlie and Alison discover in this lively story of romance and fun with Steve, Lisa, Wendy and Holly.

Cap d’Agde – Naked City With approx 40,000 naturists staying at any one time, Cap d’Agde is the biggest naturist resort in the world. Alison and Wendy investigate this naturist phenomenon.

Let’s Get Naked, Great Britain Charlie Simonds and Alison Brown continue to discover interesting people and places that make up naturist Great Britain.

Cretan Kalypso Share with Alison Brown and Charlie Simonds the making of this film at Britain’s oldest naturist club at Spielplatz and also in the sunshine of the Mediterranean and Kalypso Cretan village. Here with friends Sammy, April, Jocelyne and Regis, they discover why this resort is so popular.

In Harmony with Nature (The World of Naturism) In this film Charlie and Alison dispel the saucy images of naturism and visit resorts around the world where naturism can be enjoyed. (This film contains material featured in other Parafoto videos and is sold at a special price of £14 incl p&p and VAT)

Barely Balearic Wendy and Charlie Simonds are joined by old friends, Jocelyne and Regis and Holly, and a newcomer naturism, Zoe, to undertake a lively look at the sparkling jewel of naturism in Ibiza, Club Vista and Bahia Nature.

The Freedom of Naturism The special kind of freedom that is naturism is investigated by Wendy Cooper, Charlie Simonds and Alison Brown. Between them they visit Spielplatz the oldest naturist club in the country, return to the Bournemouth and District Outdoor Club and discover Pendennis, a naturist B&B facility in Cornwall.

Cast off with the Cockatoo The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is the picturesque setting for a naturist sailing holiday aboard the good ship Cockatoo. Join Wendy, Angie, Holly and Danielle in their naked adventures as they discover a beach of tortoises, demonstrate their expertise (or lack of it) at various aquatic activities and hunt for ancient treasures underwater. Turkey is a country with a unique and fascinating culture which they experience at first hand.

Why Go Naked? Why go naked? Maybe this film, produced by Charlie Simonds and Wendy Cooper, will go some of the way to provide the answer. Meet gorgeous Dutch naturist Marieke, as she experiences naturism in England for the first time and later returns to visit naturist Yorkshire. Also meet the lovely Christina and accompany her on a visit to Rhoscollyn on Angelsey (Wales). Chloe, Jill, Madeline, Danielle, Sally, Cindy and Nicola are some of Charlie’s Angels who also help to answer the question: “Why go naked?”

Carefreely Corfu Join Charlie and Wendy as they investigate naturist opportunities on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu assisted by old friends Jocelyne and Regis, Marieke and Sally.

Naked Video Shoot In this film, Charlie Simonds and Wendy Cooper provide practical guidance on how to improve the video filming of your naturist holiday. This informative film, shot in lovely naturist surroundings, is a must for camcorder enthusiasts.

Postcards and Calendars

Charlie started his photographic career as a still photographer and he has always ha a stock of postcards taken on locations – about 12 as at Feb 2000. For many years he circulated his own Christmas card which was usually an original photo mounted onto card. In late 1999 Charlie produced a Millennium Calendar – following not only in the footsteps of the Rylstone WI – whose intrepid ladies raised over £300,000 with their naked calendar – but Charlie was also following where C&C had trod some years earlier for C&C had produced about 500 calendars each year for the years around 1992-96. C&C also did a naturist desk diary for two years running.)

All Charlie Simonds films are approx 55 minutes running time. “In Harmony with Nature” costs £14 incl p&p and VAT and all other films cost £19.50 each which includes p&p and VAT.

Special Discounts: for any two films deduct £5.00. For any 3 films or more deduct £10.00

Within the UK, delivery is normally by return of post, using First Class Post in plain wrapped mail and prices quoted include the cost of postage within the UK. For postage within Europe add £1 per item, for postage to the US, Canada, Mexico, Middle East add £2 per item. For postage to Australia, New Zealand add £3 per item.

Videos made by David Ball of Heritage Video.

David Ball of Heritage Video International was originally based at Macclesfield in the UK but is now permanently in the USA.

Educating Julie , the world’s first naturist feature video film. Shy student Julie has a project to research during her summer vacation. She is soon travelling around naturist locations in the UK, France and Florida (obviously not a student in modern day Britain!) This film sort of followed the famous Michael Caine “Educating Rita” format and features Northgate Arena leisure centre in Chester – at the time the country’s leading naturist venue (still used today although in features terms it has been eclipsed by York Water World etc.)

Naked As Nature Intended , although published as a video by David Ball this was originally a cinema film released in the 1960s. The original film made by Harrison Marks was certainly a milestone and the medium of video makes this collectors film readily available to all although it does now look rather dated. 3 pretty secretaries on holiday in Devon and Cornwall (UK) meet up with two committed nudists …. Historians of film and social studies would see this film as one of several early naturist films which broke new ground in bringing nudity to the public screen – and many make the case that the innocent naturist imagery was soon usurped by commercially exploitative films which started to push out boundaries and led to the modern permissive soft porn scene.

Freedom Denmark shows why Denmark is considered to be the home of freedom and liberation for naturists. Visits to Hans Anderson’s home and Copenhagen are included with of course all the fun of club action with nude volleyball, water skiing and acrobatics and miniten.

Summer in Holland is packed full of nude action with some of the most active naturists in the world. Includes many controversial events like a steam train ride in the nude (and the intervention of officials), a nude canal boat trip and a nude walk around the city centre of Amsterdam. Features the late Robbert Broekstra (NL died Christmas 1999).

Winter in Holland Some naturists hibernate in winter but this film shows no lack of ideas for Dutch naturists. One exciting event after another with participation being the name of the game. Features the late Robbert Broekstra (NL died Christmas 1999).

Let Yourself be Free is filmed on location in Canada and the USA and shows contemporary nudism through a series of candid and intense interviews with nudists extolling the virtues of family nudism. This is not a travelogue.

Canada Naturally, the Film, Part One is (according to publicist blurb) possibly the most youthful naturist film ever made although Mike Herring might dispute that. Be captivated by the nude golf, the amazing rescue at Le Cypres, and lots of happy kids at the Oasis plus many other exciting events. A book was also available.

Canada Naturally, the Film, Part Two has David Ball continuing his journey across Canada. Breathtaking scenery and lots of exciting events for you to enjoy. A superb nude photographic essay. A book was also available.

Naked USA Volume 1, California Part One shows the strange and mesmerising sights of Nude California with naked horse riding, underwater swimming, a nude wedding. Plus some of the most beautiful nudists resorts on the West Coast.

Naked USA Volume 1, California Part Two completes David Ball’s tour around California. A razzmatazz of nude fun including sky diving, yoga, wet T shirt competition (?) and much more!

Naked USA Volume 2, Florida Part One shows wildlife, Disney World, exuberant Florida naturists including body painting, naked air boat riding etc.

Naked USA Volume 2, Florida Part Two discover luxurious nudist clubs and discos. Met an English couple who emigrated to enjoy Florida naturism. Lots of fun activities including frisbee, golf and a children’s tree climb.

Naked USA Volume 3, Texas spend Independence Day with the nudists, go ballooning, meet Mr & Mrs Nude Texas, lots of lakeside fun, visit South Fork (home of the Ewings of Dallas), visit downtown Dallas, a convention and the famous Hippy Hollow – well perhaps not famous in Europe – not the same as Sleepy Hollow.

Naked USA Volume 4, Arizona and Nevada has desert resorts, house parties, being nude at Rainbow Bridge, camping, teenage egg throwing, a desert ramble, the Grand canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and meet Tom a disabled nudist who chose nude leisure to gain acceptance and self esteem.

Once We Were Naked , visits Beau Brummel’s beautiful Beau Valley Naturist Resort in South Africa. Giraffe, zebra and cheetah roam freely and this rather unusual film takes naturists right into it all. Possibly the same film then contrasts completely by showing a visit to the World Naturist Congress at Spain’s Costa Natura and shows Cap d’Agde in France.

Naked African Safari is the second David Ball video to feature the one time pop star Beau Brummel’s naturist resort in South Africa. Not only will you run nude with the game – lions – elephants and crocodiles – you can also experience the crashing of an air balloon and unwind at a nude party.

Bare Facts of Oz takes you bare boating in the Whit Sundays and catching waves at Noosa Heads. Swim in Sydney Harbour – paddle a canoe on the Wollondilly River – ride a dune buggy at Beachport or play volleyball on famous Swanney Beach. Plus lots more!

Naked Down Under gives you a taste of New Zealand. A magical journey featuring active thermal geysers, the Flying Fox, nude golf, magnificent scenery, thermal pools and the chance to meet the many people that makes New Zealand a special place.

Brian Sterling at Major Vision International

Brian Sterling (UK) was the cameraman / director for some of David Ball’s earlier productions but he also produces videos in his own right trading at Major Vision International.

Shooting the Nude is not just for the serious naturist photographer but offers lots of hints and advice to help improve nude photography. Filmed in Manchester at some of the best studios available the same team went on to do the first Nude Workout.

All Nude Workout Volume One Brian Sterling is a keep fit expert and he offers practical help and advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle. Features Nude Aerobics and Weight Training with a gorgeous Dutch instructress, a delicious English maiden or two and an old man past his sell by date (i.e. David Martin!)

All Nude Workout Volume 2 shows a younger and fresher team continuing to exercise nude with new step routines, and a body sculpting session. (David Martin was dropped not because (contrary to rumour) he was not good looking but because he was in serious danger of doing himself an injury!)

The Art of Nude Massage – relax into the world of sensual pleasure, enjoy the sensation of skin to skin contact as you learn the best methods to enjoy this most exhilarating of experiences.

James & Carolyn Scarlett of Tower Productions

Tower have a range of books and magazines plus their own videos.

Tower Productions aim to produce video films depicting naturism in a family context and all are suitable for family viewing. The people at Tower are themselves family naturists and use professional equipment to achieve professional results. They have a high reputation so it was astonishing when they were raided by HM Customs, arrested and locked up for hours. A lesser pair would have pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing indecent videos but they battled through the courts and in 1998 won their case hands down. Justice costs money and the fight to clear their name cost them money but there is no doubt that they achieved a recognition for their skills and integrity.

All videos are available in PAL (for Britain) or SECAM or NTSC format.

Provencal Holiday (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

A Naturist’s Provence (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

A Naturist’s Provence Part 2 (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

A Naturist in Saarland (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

A Naturist around Europe (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Naturists among the Mountains (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Naturists in the Lowlands (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Naked Lifestyles (45 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Naked Lifestyles (45 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Naked Lifestyles II (25.99 excl p&p)

Naked Paradise (48 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Magical Nudes (45 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

The Gathering Spirit (48 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Frontiers of Naturism (55 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

The Spirit of Naturism (40 mins £25.99 excl p&p)

Tower Productions make a charge for postage and packing in addition to the prices shown. Postage and packing for videos: in the UK – £3 each or £4.50 for 3 videos. Post and packing for videos airmailed to rest of world £4.50 each or £6 for 3 videos

Books and Guides from Tower Productions

Art of Natural Living £19.95

Canada Naturally 19.95

Hot Springs and Pools of the South West USA £9.95

Hot Springs and Pools of the North West USA £9.95

World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation £14.95

Tower Productions make a charge for postage and packing in addition to the prices shown. Postage for books is charged as follows: books in the UK – add £1 per book. Books in Europe – add £1.50 per book. Books to rest of world – add £5 per book

Magazines available through Tower Productions:

Nude & Natural £15 for one year (four issues)

Nude & Natural £30 for two years (eight issues)

Nude & Natural £44 for three years (twelve issues)

Naturally £15 for one year (four issues)

Naturally £30 for two years (eight issues)

Naturally £44 for three years (twelve issues)

Postage for mags is extra: add £2 per year in the UK; add £5 per year for Europe; add £10 per year for rest of world

Mark Nisbet Videos from Islington Arts & Media

The following have been produced by Mark Nisbet of Intrepid-Eureka Video Productions, more recently Mark has traded as Islington Arts and Media, and in summer 1999 Mark became Editor of H&E magazine.

There are sixteen different tapes featured here. The 1997 price shown in brackets includes postage but there are three separate prices to reflect different postage costs, the first is UK followed by Europe and then Rest of World. All tapes are available in PAL format but only 9 of the tapes are also available in NTSC format, in which case they are priced at 25 as shown in the price info.

Best of Eureka Video 1983-89 a 90 minute compilation from several sources using modern technology to rescue some vintage material. Ten minutes of B&W and 80 minutes of colour. (1997 price 16/18/20 pounds)

The collection of seven tapes called Eureka Year 1990 – 1996 are the result of a collaboration between Mark Nisbet and Mark Wilson, each features two hours of film showing body painting, Eureka Fun Day Beauty parades and Knockout Games in full colour. Each video in this series was priced in 1997 at 16 / 18 / 20 pounds with 25 for the NTSC format and the exact titles are:

Eureka Year 1990 (no body painting on this one)

Eureka Year 1991

Eureka Year 1992

Eureka Year 1993

Eureka Year 1994

Eureka Year 1995

Eureka Year 1996

Eureka Jubilee 1967-1992 is a 60 minute film in B&W and colour which shows an intriguing and amusing visual history of one of the most famous clubs in the UK. Some of the earlier rare archive film was shot by Mark Wilson himself. The price in 1997 for this one video is 16 / 18 /20 pounds.

Four separate tapes which show extended versions of the Knock out games are available, all in colour. These videos concentrate only on knockout games. They are each priced in 1997 at 12 / 14 / 16 pounds.

Knockout 1991

Knockout 1994

Knockout 1995

Knockout 1996

The EUREKA SAMPLER TAPE is a one hour tape featuring samples from all the other tapes in the series. The tape is priced at 1997 prices at 12 / 14 / 16 pounds but this tape is always sent out with a voucher for £2 off any other Eureka video or £5 off any two videos ordered at the same time.

This is EUREKA is a 25 minute promo tape made in 1994. Originally aimed at those who were contemplating making a visit to Eureka Club. The price in 1997 was 7 / 10 / 12 pounds.

H&E F.U.N. Fund Event at EUREKA is a one hour tape made in August 1995 when Health & Efficiency magazine launched their Fund for the Furthering the Understanding of Naturism at Eureka. Priced in 1997 at 16 / 18 / 20 pounds and 25 for the NTSC format.

The above prices include postage and postage to the UK / Europe / Rest of World. Buyers may deduct a discount of 5% if two tapes are bought at the same time, 10% for 3 to 5 tapes bought together or 15% for more than six tapes bought at the same time.

Mike Herring Videos

Produces a range of videos in the UK, particularly of Eastern European countries.

Susan Mayfield Video Club

Susan Mayfield had a range of low cost videos which were marketed through her Video Club – these subsequently passed into the ownership of Paul Richardson (UK) one time Spielplatz resident.

John Wymark-Hoar Beach Videos

Most of the above books or videos can be ordered from C&C. NOTE that overseas postage rates can not be calculated until you get to the post office! If you pay by credit card we will charge the exact amount of postage actually used – this is the cheapest and safest way for you to order. For video orders outside the UK please specify the video format required OR state clearly which country the video is to be used in. Bank currency conversion charges can cripple small business and most naturist suppliers insist that payment be made using cheques drawn in British pounds. Credit cards are the most flexible and secure method of payment. Check out the WWW.NATURISTSHOP.CO.UK and if you have seen something mentioned here that you cannot find on the shelves of the NATURISTSHOP then phone me (we can phone you back) and we’ll get the items for you or pass you along to the folk concerned so you can deal direct. (Note that the C&C Naturist Guide to British Isles includes contact details for all these folk.)

That new law …..

The Law!

Naturists have always known that their hobby (or lifestyle) was a straight forward decent enjoyment of social nudity but many have been worried that naturism could actually be illegal. Since 1997 we here at Coast & Country have been leading the battle to have the law clarified. And we have won! The support we gained in the House of Lords in 2003 clearly demonstrates that the law is not “out to get naturists”.

If you want more information see the BOOKS section.

And by the way – if you think you can use naturism as a cover for exhibitionism or for indecent exposure (“flashing”) or for voyeurism then think again – the law is now firmly on the side of respectable naturism and we intend to defend our rights against those who prey on naturists.

A new age has dawned!



the following is the text of the “call to arms” letter circulated in January 2001. C&C had already ben working on this for some years but at last the time came when it al went into the public arena and we startd to co-ordinate the efforts of a “team” of about 80 campaigners. Thanks to them the new law (The Sexual Offences Act of 2003 came out in fom which des NOT harm naturists.


@legal0 early sob

Reform of the Law Relating to Sexual Offences.

The following information is a purely personal slant for which I alone am responsible – my name is David Martin and you can find my contact details elsewhere on this site or on www.naturistshop.co.uk. If you want general information about the Home Office Recommendation 54 which deals with “flashing” then click on the link shown at the very bottom of this page. It is worth looking at and WORTH DOING SOMETHING ABOUT because there is a real danger that male naturists using beaches and other open public spaces like moors and forests will be criminalized by a change in the law. Yes – this is a very long page and does not have smart lay-out but altho this page lacks internet gizzmo bells and whistles I will try to put my point of view honestly

So what has “naturism” got to do with “sexual offences”.

Very little but the over worked sexually hyped fevered imagination of Joe Public tends to see sex in everything. And perhaps they are right because the human animal is a sexual being. Sex is deeply important to almost every human being who has ever lived – but some people find themselves “anti sex” through their own poor experiences or through being abused. Naturists know that naturism is not a “sex activity” but some people either refuse to accept that or worse still they react negatively to the human body.

Usually a naturist need have no fear of being harmed by a person with a warped body image or somebody with excessive dislike of nakedness. But suppose the person with the hang ups is a local police officer responsible for sending police officers out on their daily patrols. The police officer gets a bee in his bonnet about “those perverts” who are using the local beach. The so called perverts are not perverts at all – just happy and well adjusted people who enjoy sun bathing or swimming or socialising with others without their clothes. Some people just go wild when naturists are around – they don’t have to actually see them – just knowing that they are down on the local beach is enough to cause otherwise well balanced people to flip over and become most extraordinarily agitated.

I have seen it. I know of Parish Councillors who work hard for their local community helping to provide community facilities and who seem to be very sensible and balanced. Yet the thought of nudists in their area drives them to irrational wildness. I have seen at first hand how some can be so agitated that they lie at meetings and write letters to newspapers or District Councils which really bear no relation to the real world.

If the anti-naturist also happens to be the crazy cop with the power to raid beaches then better watch out. It is very easy for a police manager to claim that he has had “complaints” and it is not unknown for police to raid a beach the day after they got a complaint anyway. In one case in 1998 an off duty police officer in plain clothes spotted a man walking without trunks some 150 yards away from him. Anxious to avoid causing any offence the naturist donned his trunks long before the police man reached him. The confrontation resulted in the police man shouting so loudly and getting so close to the naturist that spittle was showered all over his face and body and the naturist – not realising that the angry man was a police man – thought he was going to be beaten up. Irrational behaviour.


I would expect so because the average naturist going out to the beach for the day sees a totally different world – a world where other beach users are friendly – where there is great pleasure in meeting other like minded people and where – for the most part – the naturist never sees or hears of any trouble.

There was some trouble in years gone by. At some beaches the locals would let down the car tyres of visiting naturists. On some beaches the locals would phone the police every time they saw a nudist. But those days have long since gone. Since the first “official” naturist beach was declared in 1976 more and more naturists have discovered the joys of the beach.

Mind you, I personally believe that the golden hey days of beach naturism have passed. These days large numbers of folk go abroad to use the beaches and never bother to visit UK naturist beaches – the roads can be congested – few beaches in Britain – even those well used by ordinary costume wearing tourists – have proper facilities like shops, cafe and showers. There are NO naturist beaches which have any facilities at all worth talking about – the occasional visit by an ice cream vendor at places like Studland or Dyffryn hardly compare with continental facilities. And of course our weather holds back naturism – do not misunderstand what I say here. It is plain daft to argue that “our weather is too cold for naturism” (holiday-makers don’t get very much warmth out of their skimpy trunks!) but our variable and temperate climate is never going to create millions of sun-worshippers whether costumed or naked.

Over the years some of the official beaches provided by local councils or commercial companies have been closed. But “official beaches” are not the be all and end all for beach naturism. Up and down Britain there are dozens and dozens of out of the way beaches which naturists use without any fuss or bother.

In recent years there has been a huge change in public sexual behaviour. Tune in to any TV soap and you can find a story line which involves incest, teenage pregnancy or marital infidelity. Newspapers and magazines wouldn’t sell half as many papers without their usual sexual content. Teenage girls get plenty of advice in magazines specially aimed at them on a range of topics which would have never been discussed when I was a child. A middle aged couple recently told me that they had spiced up their own sex lives by making a habit of having sex using the latest “position of the fortnight” described in More magazine. Young men have access to magazines such as FM and Loaded which have been entirely invented in the past decade.

No wonder that Joe Public assumes that all those naked naturist people “that’s pronounced “nakidd” by the way!) are at it all the time!

The truth is very different but it is almost impossible to pursuade anybody that naturism is a decent activity if they have deeply rooted ideas otherwise. Come to think of it nobody in the world could ever pursuade me it would be worth my while to spend a fortune on a season ticket for a football club or to drive half way across the country to hear an opera sung in Italian. Each to their own. But when it comes to naturists there are some opponents who just won’t let us be. No matter how far we walk from the car parks, no matter how quiet the beach may be, there is always the slight chance that somebody will complain and we’ll get into trouble. And the general attitude seems to be that we must give way to a single complainer. There are about seven thousands of miles of coastline around Britain available to the public and naturists use less than (say) ten miles all told. If a dozen naturists – male or female or mixed parties – want to spend all day on a quiet beach. why should they have to pack up and go home just because one person wishes to walk down the beach exercising their dog. Church leaders and politicians are constantly telling us we live in an inclusive multi-cultural society and I am all for that. In fact most naturists are tolerant people so why do naturists have to cut and run because ONE person complains.

Well we don’t have strong legs to stand on legally. The legal basis for naturism is already shaky. No, I’d better re-phrase that. There is no definition of naturism and no law mentions “naturism” by name so it is perfectly correct to say that “naturism is not illegal in Britain.” But we’re not in an absolute black or white situation here – lots of grey areas and enough arrows exist in the legal armoury for the occasional anti-nude campaigner to have a go at us.

The position of naturists inside sun clubs and inside buildings is not under any threat. Naturists sunbathing in their own back gardens have generally speaking not a lot to worry about either. Generally speaking, female nudists don’t have too much to worry about from the law. Let’s focus for a moment on the males who wish to strip off on British beaches. Some beaches have been designated as “official areas” and you might suppose that naturists would be absolutely safe whilst on those beaches. However be aware that no local council can give permission for anything which would otherwise be illegal. But as long as people behave “as poper naturists” then men ought not to get into bother on an official beach.

The situation on unofficial beaches is somewhat different. In very many cases it is well known that naturists use a certain beach – the local council “tolerate” the naturists by turning a “blind eye” to the beach. Even the anti naturist brigade usually give up moaning after a few years and generally speaking naturists can use the beach without hindrance. But it is a fragile peace. If there is “any trouble” then the police will soon descend and start to throw their weight around. “Trouble” can take the form of couples who get a bit randy and attract an audience – it is just not acceptable for naturists to do that sort o thing on naturist beaches. If they want to get randy in public then they should go onto the “ordinary beach” where plenty of heavy petting can be seen. (It is still wrong in my view but it does go on.) If a couple get heavy on a naturist beach they will bring that beach into disrepute. They’ll also attract “the wrong sort of person” to visit the beach. And once that starts you really are on a downhill stretch.

Many beaches are plagued by voyeurs and sex pests – and that includes the “ordinary beaches” close to towns. But the existence of interesting naked people who can be watched anytime (that’s you and me and your other naturist friends) is a great attraction to the sex pests and voyeurs and other feeble minded folk that are to be found all over Britain. They hang around “lovers lanes” all over Britain, they cruise up and down the sea front and the arcades, they are a pest everywhere – but when they do make their way to isolated naturist beaches to peep at us then WE get the blame. And by the way the latest government proposals to reform the law on sex offences are prepared to outlaw voyeurs INSIDE buildings but there are no plans yet to outlaw peeping Toms outdoors. So the Government will crack down on you – the male naturist not doing anything really wrong – but they will not take any action against the peepers watching you from the dunes or cliff tops. Write to the Home Office and complain! Say that Recommendation 54 will criminalise you whilst you are sun bathing nude and harming nobody whilst Recommendation 55 is only half hearted in dealing with voyeurs. The address is Ms Haydee Scarsbrook, Sex Offences Review Team, 50 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AT. Don’t be shy about writing, the Home Office have particularly mentioned in their report that they want feedback on this point.

Over the centuries male naturists have had a rough ride. If a copper gets it into his head to stir up trouble he can do so. And at the end of the day there is not a lot we can do because the “official attitude” is that a naked penis is in itself indecent. The words “indecent exposure” have been glued together so that “indecent exposure” is just the one word. Of course when a flasher flashes his penis – hard or soft – at somebody he is behaving indecently. But after hundreds of years of talking about “indecent exposure” we have lost sight of the fact that the penis itself is NOT indecent. No particular part of the human body is indecent – all of the body is equally natural – equally important to how we function.

We do need a new law to catch the flashers but we don’t need a law that will criminalize innocent male naturists. In fact if the new law does turn ordinary decent naturist men into criminals then the law will look stupid. It will be in disrepute right from the start. The best way of dealing with flashers is to have an effective law that will allow the courts to convict them. The Home Office want to move away from the Victorian idea of “intending to cause harm” because it is very difficult to prove in court that somebody intended to do something. I can live with dropping the “intent” requirement but if the Home Office want to make it easier to catch real flashers they owe it to the rest of the decent community not to catch them in the same criminal net.

Fixing the words for the new law is not going to be easy – but then fortunately we don’t have to worry about that. There are special civil servants who spend their lives writing new laws (tell me about you groan!!) and all that we really need to do is to explain OUR point of view. So get writing! No need or typewriter, no need for any special skills, if you are a naturist then you KNOW already how important it is to you that you be able to continue in your chosen way of living in the future.

Chosen way of living – now where did that phrase come from?

TO BE CONTINUED Weds / Thursday Jan 24/25th

Info about the Rec 54 wording of the new Indecency Law for England & Wales will be available here after 21st January – MEANWHILE see

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