What’s so great about walking around naked?

Naturists are individual people – we share many similarities but we’re not all the same and not all naturists are seeking the same sort of pleasures. We try to help everybody without being snooty about the single status or body jewelry or those who enjoy overseas holidays but don’t join in naturist activities at home. Sometimes the best thing you can do to discover this wonderful world of naturism is to buy one of my books, see BOOKS. Sometimes you would be best to join a club or an organization, altho we never think it wise to join a club without meeting the members first. Sometimes you can get help from other websites – although the internet is limited in accuracy and content as far as naturism goes.

We will try to help but please be open and honest and straightforward with us – we hate “number withheld phone calls” or emails that don’t have a signature name and address. Also, do give us time to help you – naturism is not about “the fast lane”.